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The premolars in your mouth play an important role in biting off tough foods. They also work with your molars to chew and grind tough foods before smiling. If you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis, the excess pressure and grinding motion can cause a fracture on one of your premolars.

When this happens, the tooth can experience increased sensitivity and discomfort when chewing. Even if you don’t experience any signs of immediate distress, you should still have the tooth examined and treated by the dental professionals at Louis Migliazzo, DDS. In time the compromised tooth enamel could attract bacterial deposits to develop a new cavity.

If the chip on the premolar is small, Dr. Louis Migliazzo might be able to repair it with an amalgam dental filling. This is a special blend of dental metals that are known for their durability. They tend to be dark in color making amalgam more suitable for repairing a chipped premolar that will not appear in your smile.

Once the filling has been cured with a special ultraviolet light your newly repaired premolar will serve you for many years to come. If the chip on the premolar is significant, or it compromises the biting surface, Dr. Louis Migliazzo might recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown. This will effectively replace the entire tooth enamel layer in dental porcelain, base metals, or a gold material.

If you live in the Tucson, Arizona, area and you have a chip or small fracture on a premolar you should call 520-323-7550 to have it examined and repaired at Louis Migliazzo, DDS.