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If you are hoping to care for your teeth using easier methods and dental floss, you may be in luck. Thanks to modern dentistry and the advent of at-home water flossers, you can now use beams of water to effectively rinse out your mouth and remove food particles and debris from between teeth. Water flossers are designed to clean between teeth as effectively as dental floss can.

Interdental cleaners such as water flossers are extremely easy to use and are often considered easier to use than traditional threaded floss is. The reason is that rather than using thread, water flossers focus a steady beam of water directly onto your teeth. They have also been shown to effectively wash away plaque and buildup just as well as dental floss can.

If you have previous oral health care treatments and procedures done on your teeth, dental floss may not be able to be used effectively or at all. Water flossers can clean areas where dental floss cannot always reach. Various treatments to consider using water flossers for include orthodontic aligners, dentures, dental crowns, and bridges.

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