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To help make sure your smile continues to receive the care to deserves, you’ll need to assess any risk factors associated with gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, comes in many stages, one of which is known as gingivitis. It is important to be aware of the causes of gingivitis and protect your smile from any further risks. Listed below are a few common causes to think about:

– poor oral hygiene
– bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco
– diabetes
– genetics
– pregnancy
– medications
– a poor diet

In the early stages of gingivitis, you will notice various signs and symptoms of its presence. If your gums are frequently bleeding or blood spotting occurs while brushing and flossing, it could be linked to a gum tissue infection. Furthermore, if you frequently suffer from bad breath, have redness or swelling of your gums or notice any symptoms of tenderness with your teeth or gums, it could be linked to symptoms of gingivitis. To help make sure that your gingivitis can be treated as soon as possible, visit our dentist for an oral examination if you think of you are suffering from it.

If you are ready to see what gingivitis prevention and care can do to enhance your oral health, please come visit Louis Migliazzo, DDS at our dental office in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Louis Migliazzo and our team can be reached at 520-323-7550.