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Victims of diabetes have numerous health issues to worry about. Unfortunately, this does not exclude you from neglecting your oral health care. If you do suffer from diabetes, it is important to keep your teeth and gums in optimum shape to avoid all the negative risks that often arise with the condition.

Sufferers of diabetes are more likely to have issues arise with their teeth and gums, including an increase in dry mouth. Dry mouth causes a decreased amount saliva in your mouth. Fortunately, dry mouth can be treated

If you suffer from an infection such as gum disease, it can lead to an increase in your blood sugar, which will make your diabetes more difficult to process. Always maintain effective oral health care treatments such as brushing twice daily and flossing daily. In addition, visit your dentist regularly for routine office visits, regular checkups, and bi-annual professional cleanings. Be sure to speak with your dentist if you are suffering from diabetes.

No matter which option for your oral health care you choose, Dr. Louis Migliazzo and our team at Louis Migliazzo, DDS will make sure that you receive the care and quality your smile requires. If you would like to come visit us at our dentist office in Tucson, Arizona, please schedule an appointment at 520-323-7550. Your smile deserves the very best of care, and we can offer it!